World's First Six Passive
Income Streams Protocol

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Possible 180 X Growth Potential
  • SAFU Contract
  • 200,000% Fixed APY
  • All LIVE Products
  • BUSD Rewards
  • BNB Rewards
  • Six Passive Income Streams
  • Extremely Low MarketCap - 200K USD
  • Hourly Biggest Buy BNB Rewards
  • Multi-Chain Support
  • Doxxed Team
  • Rug-Proof Renounced Contract
  • Hyper Deflationary
  • Limited Supply Tokens
  • Insurance Fund (SIF)
  • Auto Token Burning
  • Auto Compounding
  • Auto Staking
  • LIVE Swap Platform
  • No Team Tokens
  • Hourly Interest Payment
  • Panic Sell Prevention
  • Anti Dump Mechanism
  • Rug-Proof Liquidity Locked
  • Auto BuyBack Mechanism
  • Auto Liquidity
  • LIVE NFT Marketplace
  • Better than Any Competitors
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What is StackPro Protocol?

World’s First Six Passive Income Streams, Hyper Deflationary, Auto Compounding & Auto Staking Protocol

200,000% Fixed APY

$SPRO is Auto-Staking & Auto-compounding inside your Wallet at the rate of 1.02% a day or 200,000% a year.

BUSD Rewards of 520%

Highest 520% BUSD APR
From DEX Trading Volume.
Just BUY and HOLD $SPRO to
EARN BUSD passive income
from 7% trading volume.

NFT Sale Revenue

Never Seen Before BNB Rewards: Passive Income in BNB from NFT Reselling Revenue. $SPRO is the first ever rebase token that provides passive income of 10% from NFT Sale Revenue automatically into your wallet.

NFT Royalty Revenue

Never Seen Before BNB Rewards:
Passive Income in BNB from
NFT Royalty Revenue of
10% from NFT Royalty
Trading Fees.

NFT Staking Revenue

Never Seen Before BNB Rewards: Passive
Income in BNB from NFT Staking
Revenue of 50% APY for NFT Staking

Ownership Renounced

Due to the many scams prevalent in
crypto today, team has decided to
renounce the ownership of the
contract with the aim of developing a
trustworthy & loyal community.

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How much can I earn?

$1,000 USD

At the end of the year and with $1,000 USD of $SPRO invested.

Earn Up to
$2 Million USD

You can earn up to $2 Million USD of $SPRO at 200,000% APY*.

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200,000% APY - Fixed for 1 Year!

Highest Fixed APY in
Crypto – 200,000 %

Renounced Contract

Price Stability and Anti-
Dump Feature


520% BUSD Rewards from
DEX trading fees

NFT Revenue sharing in BNB
from Royalty and Staking

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How it Works

Five Features that make StackPro a Game Changer in the Fixed APY Projects

1. Six Passive Income Streams

2.Hourly Biggest Buyer Auto BNB rewards

Every hour forever, we take 1 percentage of trading fees and reward the biggest buyer during that hour, which automatically sends BNB into their wallet at the end of every hour. This will encourage buyers to compete to make a big buy every hour to have a big reward of the hour, this is both a fun and rewarding game to our buyers.

3. Automatic Burning of $SPRO

For every transaction , 2% percentage of the fees will be burned. This strategy decreases the token supply and increases the price floor with each sale through liquidity pair adjustments in favor of the $SPRO holders. This mechanism is never seen before and will be a game changer in making the price stability, let's wait and see it in action.

4.Circuit Breaker Mechanism to Prevent Panic Sell

An advanced circuit breaker is implemented in the StackPro contract: If price is reduced 5% in 1 hour, the sell tax will be set to 25% automatically in the next hour. This will prevent panic sell and bring people time to consider their panic decision.

5. Anti-Dump

The anti-dump algorithm (XADA) increases the sell-side fees if a sale will impact the price more than 5%.

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Why Choose StackPro

World’s First Six Passive Income Stream Protocol

Limited Supply
SPRO Token

$SPRO is a Limited Supply native
token which interest rebase rewards
are paid. Every token holder
automatically receives 200,000% interest
every hour just for holding $SPRO
tokens in their own wallet!


Crypto’s Highest Paying Auto-
Staking and Auto-Compounding
Protocol with the greatest fixed
APY in the industry of 200,000%.
Interest rewards are compounded
every hour for every wallet
holding any $SPRO tokens.

StackPro Insurance
Fund (SIF)

The SIF serves as an insurance fund
to achieve price stability and long
term sustainability of the StackPro
Protocol by maintaining a consistent
0.02355% rebase rate paid to all
$SPRO token holders.


StackPro Swap revenue is shared in
BUSD to the $SPRO holders every
hour from the SWAP trading volume.
For reference StackPro rewards
are now 520% APR BUSD - highest
on the whole Defi market.

NFT MarketPlace
Revenue Sharing

Never seen before passive
income in BNB from NFT
Marketplace revenue when
StackPro NFT are sold,
auctioned and resold.

Fire Hole

2% of all $SPRO traded are burnt in
the Fire Hole. The more that is traded,
the more get put into the fire causing
the fire hole to grow in size reducing
the circulating supply and keeping the
StackPro protocol stable.

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  • Automatic LP 2.5% of order fees return to liquidity
  • StackPro Insurance Fund 2.5% of order fees are stored in SIF
  • Treasury 2% of order fees go to the treasury
  • Fire Hole 1% of $SPRO is burnt in the fire pit
  • Biggest Buyer rewards - 1% in BNB earned by holder



  • Automatic LP 2.5% of order fees return to liquidity
  • StackPro Insurance Fund 2.5% of order fees are stored in SIF
  • Treasury 2% of order fees go to the treasury
  • Fire Pit 1% of $SPRO is burnt in the fire pit
  • Biggest Buyer rewards - 1% in BNB earned by holder
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Hold your $SPRO tokens to earn High Rewards

Number of Tokens 100 $SPRO 200 $SPRO 300 $SPRO
APY% 200,000% 200,000% 200,000%
BUSD Rewards From DEX Trading Fees No Yes, 25% Yes, 25%
BNB Rewards from NFT marketplace Revenue No No Yes, 25%
Rewards Distribution Every Hour Every Hour Every Hour
How to Join Automatic Automatic Automatic

Competitive Advantage

Features StackPro Saafu Libero Titano
APY% 200,000 200,000 158K 102K
Fees 9%/9% 14%/16% 13%/18% 15%/25%
Passive Income Streams 6 1 3 1
BUSD Rewards Yes No Yes No
DEX Fees Rewards Yes No No No
MarketCap (180X Potential ) Fair Launch 72 Million 65 Million 30.6 Million
NFT Marketplace Sell & Auction
Revenue Sharing in BNB
Yes No No No
NFT Marketplace Royalty
Revenue Sharing in BNB
Yes No No No
NFT Staking Revenue
Sharing in BNB
Yes No No No
Hourly Biggest Buyer Rewards Yes No Yes No
Rug Proof: No minting code Yes Yes Yes no
Rug Proof : Liquidity Locked Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rug Proof : Contract Renounced Yes no no no
Rug-Proof: No Manual Adjusting Yes no no no
Rug-Proof: Fixed Rebase Time Yes Yes no no
Auto Liquidity Yes no no no
Manual Buy Back Yes Yes no Yes
Auto Buyback Yes no no no
LP Token receiver Renounced Contract EOA Wallet EOA Wallet EOA Wallet
Insurance Fund Yes Yes no no
Unlocked Liquidity 0% 17.8% 35.7% 23%
Auto Burn Yes no no no
Fees Hard Coded Yes Yes no no
Auto-Staking Hard Coded Yes Yes no no
Hourly Biggest Buyer Rewards Yes no Yes no
Circuit Breaker Yes no Yes no
MultiChain Support Yes no no no
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  • Q2 2022

    • Protocol Launch
    • Swap Platform Launch
    • NFT Marketplace Launch
    • SAFU Contract
    • KYC Badge
    • Social Media Campaign
    • Influencer Campaign
    • LaunchPad Campaign
  • Q3 2022

    • Private Sale Campaign
    • PreSale Campaign
    • Public Sale
    • Influencer Campaign
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Pancake Listing
    • CoinGecko Listing
    • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Q4 2022

    • Swap on AVAX Chain
    • NFT Marketplace on AVAX Chain
    • Influencer Campaign
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Merge Partnerships
    • Team Expansion
  • Q1 2023

    • SWAP on ETH Chain
    • NFT Marketplace on AVAX Chain
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Team Expansion
  • Q2 2023

    • Development Mobile Application iOS and Android
    • Launch Mobile Application iOS and Android
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Frequent Questions

You can currently buy at a discount of 20% at our private sale : StackPro.Finance

Yes, SAFU contract is completed. KYC and Doxxed team approved by PinkSale

Yes, SAFU Contract by Pinksale, the teams have already been KYC approved by Pinksale.

It means the StackPro contract is without an owner, so the owner cannot modify or use privileged functions such as transferring the funds out. This is the ultimate Rug-Pull prevention method for a project. Basically the StackPro project is unraggable.

StackPro relies on a few mechanisms to make this happen which are the combination of mechanisms working together in the protocol. These include the Taxes, the Treasury, the Insurance Pool, and of course the Anti-Dump Mechanism.

The StackPro protocol has an entirely different more comprehensive mechanism than Titano/Libero or other competitors.

Our token supply is far less at only 40,000, auto burn at 2.0%, auto LP every transaction and the factor of rebasing at hourly intervals provides a more linear progression of sustainability.

Market volume will enter revenue into the Treasury as a 3% and 5% tax as well as enter an additional 5% into the StackPro Insurance Fund which more than offsets the daily interest being awarded. APY will be 100% sustained.

Basically put, the more that is traded on a daily basis, the bigger the Treasury & SIF balance grows automatically to aid with long term sustainability and future growth.

We also have a unique and proprietary StackPro Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE) which automatically injects an additional 4% liquidity every 24 hours automatically to maintain protocol stability and to make sure the APY is upheld for the entire life of StackPro.

$SPRO Holders will receive BUSD rewards from the Stackpro DEX Swap Fees. 25% of the DEX trading fees are distributed to their wallets everyday.

$SPRO Holders will receive BNB rewards from the Stackpro NFT Marketplace revenue Fees. 25% of the NFT Marketplace Revenue Fees are distributed to their wallets everyday.

We felt the same way when we were first introduced to rebase coins. And to be honest, most rebase tokens crash soon after launch. But with our new Defi 3.0 Anti Dump technology behind it, Renounced Contract, Deflationary Token Metrics, Multiple Source of Revenue we were able to solve this problem and create a token that truly helps you build wealth.

StackPro has a 9% Buy Fee and a 9% Sell Fee which is used to continue to help grow the coin and its base.

StackPro has a 13% Slippage to buy $SPRO.

Still having questions?

If you cannot find answer to your questions inour FAQ, you can
always Contact Us. We will answer to you shortly!

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